Chancellor's Message

  Zabul Higher Education Institute

1 month ago

Dear compatriots! 

The development of a society and a country depends on its higher education system.

Four decades of Russian-American war have damaged Afghanistan's educational and scientific institutions، along with other parts of the dear country. Alhamdulillah once again they are living under the shadow of the Islamic regime and have good opportunities. Together، we made tireless efforts to promote the country's self-sufficiency in education، science in light of Islamic and Afghan values.

In order to have a developed، independent and self-reliant Afghanistan، it is necessary to invest in the country's educational institutions to equal national and international standards and to meet the needs of society.

Our goal is to create a high quality and standard educational foundation for Mirwais Khan Nike Zabul Higher Education Institute to be effective in solving the needs of Zabuli`s society and the country.


Rohullah Mashal

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